They say to steer clear
And ask did you hear?
Let’s get something straight
People aren’t their mistakes
That’s what they’ve done
Not what they’ll become
So for goodness’ sake
Give us a break
You can spew comments
But they’re pointless, promise
Now lend me your ear
Only God judges me, dear
Even when I’m not up, he’s down
Makes me want to stick around
He’s far from flawless
I’m just being honest
But take a look in the mirror
Again, give me your ear
The Lord’s the judge
So I won’t budge
I’m in his corner
Despite gossip’s torture
Like ice melted by summer
He makes my heart warmer
I adore more than his smile
Our conversation’s worthwhile
I’m keeping him near
Have I made myself clear?
I’m tuned into his station
I’m a record on rotation
If I’m an open book
He’s more like a song
He doesn’t come on too strong
I give him second looks
Because I want to listen on
He might not keep me around or interested long
But right now he’s what I want, is that wrong?
If I’m a bullet
He’s a gun
We set it off
Turn walks to runs
He makes me rise
Makes bread from crumbs
I’m a house who wants to be a home
I’m a plain essay, he makes me a poem
If he’s the ball
I’m the goal
To tell the truth
I hope he scores
It won’t be a layup
But he’s got ups
I kinda hope he goes for a dunk
We’re both players
Let’s make a team
And turn dirty puddles into mountain streams
Three sheets to the wind
Together we’re sails
We’ve had rocky roads
But now we blaze trails
Alone we’re nomads
Together explorers
Turn locked windows into open doors
There’s something about your energy and me
Like we can’t help but create synergy