Millennials are in a state of flux. Can anyone blame us? Our generation’s ages range from the teens to the 30s.

From our dating lives to our eating preferences, we don’t always know what we want. Russell Wilson or Machine Gun Kelly? Sashimi or Lunchables?

From our financial decisions to our career paths, we’re not always sure of what we should do. To rent or to buy? To challenge the status quo or not?

While this uncertainty might be an annoyance to others, we embrace the unknown. We kinda dig “the struggle.” If nothing else, it makes life interesting.

Rather than be concerned with our well-being, onlookers could and should find us entertaining. And why not? We’re a never-before-seen force to be reckoned with. Here’s my take on ten of the forces we Millennials are fighting—or at least wading through.

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